sexta-feira, maio 4

nem é música. mas é

a sabedoria escondida

Revisando Grandaddy linha por linha

Jeff Message
The Windfall Varietal

Hey Lytle.

Uhh this is Jeff, and its like really early or late, whatever you want to call it.
Depends if you're a vampire or not.
But, uh, just calling to see what's up.
Uh, I was sitting in my backyard today and I had like this bowl of dog food and
I sat still for about two hours and,uh, I didn't even smoke a cigarette either it was rad.
And it had this really shiny stainless steel bowl full of dog food and crows, uh, eventually like worked their way up.
I didn't move I didn't breathe and all that stuff.
And, uh, they hopped up on my knee and I have little, little uh, claw marks on my knees.
Heh heh, and, uh, they ate food out of the dog bowl, and it was like the fuckin raddest thing I had ever experienced in my whole life.
And so, to top it off I like, uh, all the dog food was gone and, uh, I went to my garden and I was like planting shit, I planted all these seeds and stuff and, uh, so I was like hanging out by the fence and I was like, uh, mr. scarecrow guy, just standing real still and all these sparrows came up and, uh, I had my hands on the fence and, uh, these little sparrows, I was like sitting real still and these little sparrows came up and they were like eating seeds that I planted.
They were like digging it up, scratching like chickens, and finding seeds, and they fly up on they fence and like right next to me and like chomp on the seeds and uh, break it up on the boards and stuff and, uh, I had a bird sit on my finger and eat sunflower seeds.
But, uh, yeah. I thought you'd appreciate that.
Birds come and then they go.

*that is it*


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