sábado, julho 5

para além dos dias



boa supresa do ano

I Sold My Hands For Food So Please Feed Me
Get Well Soon
Rest now, weary head! You will get well soon

Wanted more than the world could give
And bear a child inside that's dead already
With your fist that's bleeding from times of war
All you aim for is an untied breath
And for the case you should fail you brought your knife along
I will be so sad to hear that you're dead
Nature's built a wall around you
And that's the house you'll live in forever
Punch a hole into with your love
Don't you cry for I love your thought
Don't let your fiery soul burn down
We're in this together - we'll always be
Fight your war inside your jail
I see you fidget hard in your trap
Smashed your head at the wall - this far you got


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