sábado, abril 12

outra lista possível


em 2008 o 2007

1) So Long, Lonesome - Explosions in the sky (All of Sudden i Miss Everyone)
2) Gang Bang Suicide - Kevin Drew (Spirit if...)
3) Winged/Wicked Things - Sunset Rubdown (Random Spirit Lover)
4) Cheer Me Up Thank You - New Buffalo (Somewhere, Anywhere)
5) Welcome Ghosts (Adem Mix) - Adem mixing Explosions in the Sky (Bonus Disc of All of Sudden i Miss Everyone)
6) Saturday Waits - Loney, Dear (Loney Noir)
7) The Past is a Grotesc Animal - Of Montreal (Hissing Fauna, are you the destroyer?)
8) In the Mausoleum - Beirut (The Flying Club Cup)
9) Pigeons - Page France (...and The Family Telephone)
10) Take Pills - Panda Bear (Person Pitch)
11) Rain - Bishop Allen (The Broken String)
12) Unless It's Kicks - Okkervil River (The Stage Names)
13) The Meter Marks OK - Loney, Dear (Loney Noir)
14) You are My Face- Wilco (Sky Blue Sky)
15) Wolves (Song of the Shepherd's Dog) - Iron & Wine (Sheprad's Dog)
16) So Sorry - Feist (The Reminder)
17) Pysahtyneet Planeetat - Islaya (Ulual Yyy)
18) These Eyes Are Berries - Mum (Go Go Smear The Poison Ivy)
19) 7th and 17th - Pela (Anytown Graffiti)
20) Australia - The Shins (Wincing the Night Away)

* Eu ainda vou descobrir qual a utilidade de fazer um post com 20 músicas das quais mais de 505 já estavam postadas....*


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